About Us

KellieHandles the Management, Marketing, Accounting and Administration of the business.   She has previously owned a small successful business and has 30 years business and people management experience. Kellie also works full time while managing the business and is available via email or phone.  

The Rest of the Family - Kellie and Shawn together have 3 children.  Ryley the oldest is a United States Marine and currently deployed. Skylar is a full time college student and loves gaming and is interested in learning the pool business.  Sienna is in middle school in Folsom and loves playing softball.  Burger is the family dog who was rescued from a shelter 4 years ago and you may seem him on the route occasionally.

We are a family owned business and want to provide top notch service providing pristine pool water for our clients year round enjoyment.  We pride ourselves on communication, service and building relationships with our clients. 


Shawn - Is a seasoned pool repair and maintenance professional.  He is a 10 year NFL veteran Defensive Lineman and loves to talk football with clients.  When looking for a career after football Shawn wanted to work outside and be in contact with the residents in the community and provide great service while  building friendships along the way.  Shawn also still coaches and mentors athletes as they prepare for college and NFL careers.